TX RACE™ Restyle Kit® Gen2 for Honda CR125/250 2000-2001

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Bike Seat + Cover are included
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TX RACE™ Restyle Kit® Gen2 for Honda CR125/250 2000 2001 is an update and modernization of the aesthetic line of this Honda two-stroke motocross model [CR]. TX RACE™ offers an attractive, easy-to-assemble solution that does not require frame modification and includes a complete seat explicitly designed for the kit allowing a driving position similar to current motorcycle models. TX RACE™ Restyle Plastic Kit® significantly improves and revalues your motorcycle’s appearance, compensating for the cost of the kit.

TX RACE™ Restyle Kit® for Honda CR125/250 2000 2001.
This kit upgrades your Honda CR125/250 2000-2001 to CRF450R 2021+ aesthetics.
  • Easy to Assemble. Instruction Manual Included.
  • No need to modify the frame or replace any original part of the bike beyond the plastics, graphics, and seat included in the Restyle Kit®.
  • Can be restored to original appearance anytime.
  • Gives your motorcycle a significantly more modern aesthetic and driving position.
  • Shipping Worldwide.
  • TX RACE™ restyle plastics.
  • TX RACE™ restyle new whole seat [specifically designed for this kit].
  • TX RACE™ non-slip seat cover [already stapled to the seat].
  • TX RACE™ restyle graphics [without sticking on the plastics].
  • Brackets and screws to fasten different parts.
  • Assembly Instruction Manual [in English].
  • Can you order the kit without certain parts?
    No, we only sell the complete kit. We only provide separate individual parts or sets of parts (plastics set, brackets and screws set, seat, seat cover, or graphics) if you have previously purchased the kit and need to change any of these parts.
  • Are plastics the same as those in CRF450R 2021+
    Plastics are the same but slightly modified to adjust to the Honda CR125/250 2000-2001 format. However, if you need to change the plastics later, you can buy them from us or any local distributor and make those adjustments yourself.
  • Is it possible to order the kit without graphics?
    No, the kit includes OEM graphics; however, you can order customized graphics from any specialized company.
  • Are CRF450R 2021+ graphics compatible with the TX RACE™ Restyle Kit®?
    Yes, they fit. However, the swingarm corresponds to the Honda CR125/250 2000-2001.
  • Does the kit fit well with the original or oversized tank?
    The kit fits perfectly with the original tank but may not fit if you have an oversized tank. We recommend avoiding buying the kit if you have installed an oversized tank.
  • Do plastics go over the stock airbox, and does the stock airbox stay intact?
    The airbox stays the same as in the Honda CR125/250 2000-2001; no need to change the original airbox.
  • Is the seat standard seat, or has it been specially designed for the kit?
    The seat has a unique design that does not match any other CR/CRF seat.
  • If you want to change the seat cover included in the TX RACE™ Restyle Kit®, which one could you use?
    Some seat covers are compatible with the CRF450R 2021+.
  • Does this kit fit other CR/CRF models beyond Honda CR125/250 2000-2001?
    No, it is only valid for Honda CR125/250 2000-2001 and does not fit on other models.

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Weight 6 kg
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81 × 26 × 43 cm / 31.8 x 10.2 x 16.9 inch

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